Documentary Wedding Photographer – Cardiff & South Wales

Francesca is an International Documentary Wedding Photographer with an outstanding reputation for producing unique, creative and natural looking images that really stand out from the crowd.

Relaxed and informal in style, Francesca combines contemporary wedding reportage with creative fine art photography. Her aim is always to create a timeless and stunning visual narrative that really captures the spirit of your day; the laughter, the tears, the details you spent so long planning and a real sense of your style and personality as a couple.

Whilst based in Cardiff, South Wales, Fran is available for commissions across the whole of the UK and will travel to any destination in Europe, America, Australia and Asia providing reasonable expenses are covered.

 Welsh Wedding Awards ‘Creative Photographer Of The Year 2018’ & One of the UK’s Top 5 Wedding Photographer

In addition to having been named ‘Creative Wedding Photographer’ of the year at The Welsh Wedding Awards 2018, Fran has been shortlisted by as one of the UK’s top 5 best wedding photographers. Fran has also been lucky enough to have been featured in various UK Wedding Magazines and on a number of Wedding Blogs including Rock My Wedding, Plans & Presents  , WWW , So you’re getting married and Cwtch The Bride.

Fran is also known as the creator of ‘The Big Welsh Wedding Show’, a creative and cool wedding event for those couples looking for unique wedding inspiration.

Considering I have a 1st Class Honours degree in Journalism, I find it excruciatingly difficult to write about myself so please excuse the awkward and stilted sales pitch that follows!

So first and foremost, I did not emerge from the womb holding a camera and I certainly did not always know that I would grow up to be a wedding photographer! If I remember correctly, I actually wanted to be a popstar, original I know!

That said, I do absolutely LOVE photographing weddings and I have definitely found my niche along with a career that allows me to exercise my innate creativity on an almost weekly basis, awesome!

Perhaps my favourite ever description of how I roll on the day of the wedding reads something like this,

‘ On the wedding day, Fran was professional, diligent and lovely to be around. Most of the time she was invisible, quietly capturing natural moments, but it was a pleasure when she did appear!

I think that pretty much sums me up! So, if you’re looking for unobtrusive, natural and relaxed wedding photography and a photographer you can feel completely at ease with, then get in touch here and lets meet for a coffee and a chat.

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my ability to write witty and engaging copy for my website!

There is no doubt that my documentary style of photography stems from my own experiences of being photographed. Now something of a joke among family and friends, I am the female version of Chandler Bing.  The minute I become aware of a camera in the vicinity, I become so tense and awkward that I am almost guaranteed to look nothing short of hideous in the resulting photograph! This has undoubtedly played a part in cultivating the natural, reportage style in which I shoot and I actively focus my attention on capturing my subjects off-guard. The result; beautiful and natural-looking shots of you looking your absolute best.

Creative Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2018 At WWA

Very very exciting news! South Wales based Documentary Wedding Photographer Francesca Hill (that’s me)  is now an award winning photographer! I am ridiculously excited to have been awarded the prestigious ‘Creative Wedding Photographer’ of the year award at The Welsh Wedding Awards 2018! My acceptance speech was a little ropey (I scarpered pretty quickly off that stage) but the mild embarrassment of having to take centre stage to accept my award was definitely worth it as I now have a beautiful glass trophy proudly displayed on top of the tumble dryer . . .

Welsh Wedding Awards Winner Of Creative Photographer

UK's Top 5 Wedding Photographers

Cardiff based Documentary Wedding Photographer Francesca Hill has been shortlisted by as one of the UK’s top 5 best wedding photographers. ” The five photographers shortlisted have been chosen because of their unique style. This list aims to provide couples with a selection of exciting talents from across the UK”

‘Hill’s intuitive and empathetic nature coupled with her own self confessed ‘editorial inspired images’ combine to create stunning and effortless seeming results. . .

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Cardiff Documentary Wedding Photographer Francesca Hill Holding A Camera