Baby Photographer Cardiff & South Wales

Bradley, Hannah & Little Baby Tony / Toby . . .

I think a collective awwww is in order here! Meet my lovely friends Hannah and Bradley and their gorgeous little boy Toby who we (as in my friends and I) affectionately refer to as little Tony, I forget why, a few too many auto corrects to Tony on whatsap I think but either way it amuses us all, it’s the little things!

Anyway, back to the baby photography session, we had originally planned to do this in Penarth but as per usual, the weather got in the way and we settled on Cefn Onn Park in the hope it would be a little less windy for little Tony! I had such a lovely time capturing such a happy little family and Hannah even bought me a bunch of flowers which was very touching (thank you Hannah) and much appreciated, future clients take note!

Here are the highlights . . .

Family photographs are something we all treasure, but how do you get those natural photographs that capture your loved ones as they are?

I like to do all my family photography sessions outdoors at various locations in and around Cardiff, South Wales. Experience has taught me that the best way to get stunning and natural photographs is to try and capture my subjects when they are unaware they are being photographed. This is my motto when photographing weddings, events, anything that involves people actually, but particularly, when it comes to children.

Take a look at my family photography portfolio for some ideas on what kind of family photographs we could achieve.