Bryn Meadows Wedding Photographer

Bryn Meadows Golf Club

Stephen & Laura

Busy Christmas? Yes, just a bit! December is the new August!

The wedding of Stephen and Laura took place at Bryn Meadows Golf Club on the 28th December 2018. With the entire day taking place at the venue, this was a nice easy one for me with lots of time for photographs and a nice relaxed pace for the day!

As Bryn Meadows is predominantly a golf course, we did the majority of the wedding photographs on the green where unusually for this time of year, the light was fantastic!

Not one to follow tradition, I decided to explore the venue for some alternative backdrops and I managed to find a funky wall behind the kitchen / next to the bins. Whilst the smell was only just bearable, I stand by my decision to take the happy couple next to the bins for their wedding photographs (yes I just said that) because not only was the backdrop a bit more urban than the green of the golf course but they have unique wedding photographs that are in keeping with my style of photography. This is something I always aim for as I don’t want to just do what every other photographer does at any given venue, I like to be different and if that means that we all have to not breathe for a short period of time then so be it!

Here are the highlights . . .

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