Canada Lake Lodges Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Canada Lakes & Lodge

I’m into my 12th hour of blogging here and have started eating the love hearts I normally give to couples with their Wedding USB package 🙂

I’m really excited to share this beautiful Canada Lake & Lodge wedding! I’ve photographed a few weddings here but this is the first time I’ve not been subjected to harsh sunlight when photographing!

The wedding of Rob & Hannah took place on a cloudy bank holiday weekend in April. The wedding was a rowdy affair with lots of added extras such as an amazing Welsh Choir who Rob joined for a few songs after the ceremony. Rob and his brother also sang after the ceremony and were fantastic! Hannah was an absolute sport and got her beautiful blue shoes a little bit muddy in the field but I think it was definitely worth it! The lake is the most obvious backdrop for this venue but I actually love these pictures because they’re a little bit different and very rustic looking!

Here are the highlights . . .