Children’s Photography – Autumn Outdoor Session @ Cosmeston Lakes

Children’s Photography Session

Location: Cosmeston Lakes

I always hear other photographers talking about how ‘awesome’ Autumn light is and I have to be honest, I always think they’re just being a bit geeky and cliched! I stand corrected however as having recently done this beautiful childrens photography session at Cosmeston lakes, I have to agree with the majority, Autumn light is awesome!

This is one of my favourite children’s sessions to date, Robyn is just absolutely beautiful and ridiculously cute and thanks to the Autumn light, the colours are so lovely! Anyway, I’ll stop waxing lyrical about Autumn light now, here are a few photos of the beautiful Robyn . . . .

Fancy doing an outdoor photography session with the children? Outdoors is a great option for the children as it ensures a) they don’t get bored and b) we get beautiful outdoor light! Get in touch here for more information!