Children’s Photography Session

Children’s Photography Session

At Penarth Pier

Location: Penarth Pier, Cardiff, South Wales

One of my favourite locations in South Wales is Penarth Pier, mainly because I feel like I’m on holiday when I’m there. The atmosphere is really laid back and the smell of fresh chips is to die for so it seemed like an obvious choice for my recent children’s photography day! I absolutely love the pastel blues you get from having the sea and the Pier as a backdrop and these are definitely some of my favourite shots of this year! Maddie was an absolute star to photograph as well because not only is she beautiful but she was also really well behaved something that I am always surprised by given my own daughter is an absolute terror!

Anyway, here are a few from the session  . . .

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Family photographs are something we all treasure, but how do you get those natural photographs that capture your loved ones as they are? I like to do all my family photography outdoors at various locations in and around Cardiff, South Wales. Experience has taught me that the best way to get stunning and natural photographs is to try and capture my subjects when they are unaware they are being photographed. This is my motto when photographing weddings, events, anything that involves people actually, but particularly, when it comes to children. The best way to create the images I want and the type of images that families will treasure is to allow the children to have a fabulous time playing in the park or in the mud as is often the case whilst I run around like a Photography Ninja capturing every little facial expression and mannerism without them even noticing!