Wedding Photography – A Hindu Affair

I first met Arphan & Surbhi last year in Cardiff Bay. We sat down for what was to be a very long chat about their upcoming wedding at The Celtic Manor Resort. However, as I discovered during our chat, a Hindu Wedding is a slightly longer celebration than a traditional British Wedding and is made up of 6 other ceremonies and events that take place in the weeks before the actual wedding ceremony!

The first event to take place was the ‘Turmeric Ceremony’ where the groom is basically covered in Turmeric by all his friends and family, highly amusing to watch I must say! The second, the ‘Henna Ceremony’ where the bride and friends are decorated in Henna Art, a Hindu version of a Pamper evening if you will!

As a Hindu Wedding is such a large scale event to take on, I have to thank the additional photographers who worked with me on this! Big love to Rachel Lambert, Simone & Nathan.