Micro Wedding At Lyde Court

⭐️ A Micro Wedding At Lyde Court ⭐️

Are you planning a Micro Wedding At Lyde Court?

Check out this amazing Micro Wedding at Lyde Court for some inspiration to help your planning along.

Alex & Beth may only have had 15 guests and it may have been during lockdown and it may have been pouring with rain for the entirety but these two were absolutely ecstatic regardless!

Personally I was ecstatic to be out of the house and photographing a wedding! I have to say, despite the many cons of getting married during this absolutely rubbish time, these smaller weddings are just as wonderful and I’m noticing a real difference in bridal style with brides changing their look to suit a more casual affair. Beth’s dress however was an absolute show stopper. Her mother (an ex costume designer) made it by hand and it was so stunning and unique.

Here’s what they had to say about their photos . . . .

Thank you so SO much, you’ve captured the day so perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with the photos – we can’t wait to share them with our family and friends.
You’ve done such an incredible job, especially considering the circumstances on the day (it’s now officially the wettest day on record!)
Again, thank you so much, these really are the perfect record of our little covid wedding!
Bethan & Alex xx

On the fence about whether to have a Micro Wedding? I’ve photographed 8 Micro or elopement Weddings thus far and they are genuinely VERY COOL! I’ve always strongly championed non-traditional weddings weddings and this video here is just a snapshot into just how awesome steering away from tradition can be.

If you’re currently weighing up whether to wait or whether to just crack on with a Micro Wedding, here are three positives to consider if you decide to go ahead . . .

1. You’ll be married!

The endless wait for married life to begin will get over and you’ll actually be married. I can honestly say that all of the couples I photographed in 2020 were happy ones! The size of the wedding took nothing away from the feeling of excitement once the vows had been said.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a three course meal for hundreds of people. Instead, you’re free to use your budget on all the things you couldn’t afford when you were buying dinner for everyone else.

3. You can ditch the formality

Whether it’s changing your dress to suit a more casual affair or feeling relieved that you don’t have to do the 50 group portraits your mum was insisting on, there’s definitely an upside in being able to just please yourselves!

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You can also check out this  little video here for some Micro Wedding Inspiration.