Elevate Your Personal Brand With A Professional Photo Shoot

What Is Personal Branding?

Ah personal branding. That thing we all know we need to do but keep putting off in the hope we won’t have to do it! The concept of personal branding and ‘personal branding photographers’ is relatively new and is almost certainly a result of changes to the marketing / digital marketing industry as a whole. The way we market our businesses has changed. The emphasis is now on consumer engagement and in order to achieve that, business owners are having to share more of themselves in order to attract clients that want to interact with them.

‘Personal Branding’ is a relatively new term that has been coined to describe the branding of small business owners in line with the business itself. It is the ‘practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as a brand’. How you as the business owner are perceived by your ideal clients is therefore critical and this is the role of personal branding.

I recently did a swapsies  personal branding shoot myself with one of my many photographer friends, Hannah Miles. We were both amazed by the engagement we created by posting a picture of ourselves on our Instagram. We both post Wedding Photography photos on a regular basis as this is what our business is promoting, yet a picture of ourselves created quadruple the normal engagement. Why? Because people are curious and want to see the person behind the business. Therefore, do you want to show your potential clients an iphone pic taken in poor light or a professional image that conveys the message ‘I take my business seriously.’

Personal branding photography should be a part of your marketing strategy and helps to show your customers who you are and what you’re about. It’s a way to connect and build a relationship with your customers on a more deep and meaningful level, and create affinity that goes beyond your brand name.

Stories are what connects us all and good personal branding photography makes that connection possible.

Why Book A Personal Branding Shoot?

*Displaying Professional Photos will strengthen your brand and let your audience know that you are professional and brand aware*

*It’s statistically proven that posting high quality images of yourself as a business owner boosts engagement on Social Media Platforms*

*Personal Brand photos allow you to stand out from the competition whilst building the know, like and trust factors with your audience*

*Engage your audience, sales will follow*

*Low quality images are harmful to your brand*

*No small business or entrepreneur can afford to be boring; you have one chance to make a first impression, what do you want it to be?*

Which leads me on to, my personal branding photography sessions.

Personal branding shoots are a very important investment in your business and should be planned carefully to ensure you get a fabulous range of images that you can use across all of your marketing channels.

Much like my approach to wedding photography, my aim is to capture the essence of you and your business in an unobtrusive way. No posing, just a snapshot of your personality and a behind the scenes look at you hard at work!

If you’re nervous, don’t be! As someone who hates having their photograph taken, I can honestly say that my own personal branding shoot was actually really fun and having worked with so many different personalities over the years, I am an expert in getting people to relax so fear not, you’ve got this!

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I have 7 years of experience under my belt dealing with awkward wedding couples, children and business owners, it’s not a problem! I personally hate having my photo taken and am aware how uncomfortable it is but there are many tactics I use to make it feel natural and not at all excruciating!

This really depends on the nature of your business and what kind of images you’re aiming for. This is something we would discuss during the consultation phase and we would come up with a suitable location together.

Personal Branding Sessions start from £500 for a 1.5 hour shoot. This would see around 30-50 images delivered. Costs are bespoke based on your requirements. I also run shoot days for female entrepreneurs around 3 times a year which brings the price down significantly and offers a venue hire as well. Subscribe here to keep up to date with shoot day announcements.

Feel free to email me with any queries / booking enquiries here and we can look at getting something in the diary.