Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos

⭐️ How to get your Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos Just Right⭐️

All you need to know about Smoke Bomb Wedding Photos

Who doesn’t love a good Smoke bomb?! Smoke bomb wedding photography is amazing and the perfect way to jazz up your wedding photos, particularly if you’re having a micro Wedding. The colours are awesome and lets be honest, they’re just cool AF! However, if you follow my Instagram (If you don’t you can follow here), you might have read about how I almost got arrested following the use of some smoke bombs at my photography Workshop. You can read that little anecdote here.

Which leads me nicely on to how to make sure you do your smoke bombs right!

What to do if you want Smoke Bombs at your wedding?

Check with the venue if they’ll allow you to use smoke bombs at the wedding. Some venues might not allow it depending on how isolated the venue is / their preference. In my case, when I got ‘in trouble’, the venue backed on to a police station and my smoke bombs caused an infiltration of their air vents and subsequent evacuation #mortified.

Plan Where & When You’ll use your Smoke Bombs

Provided you get the ok from your venue, plan with your photographer where and when you’d like to use the smoke bombs. You’ll need to consider crowds / potential fire hazards and choose your location accordingly. It is your responsibility to ensure safety if you are the buyer of the smoke bomb. I’d also recommend a metal bucket and water to hand to drop your smoke bombs in to, much like you would if you were going to use sparklers.

Where can I buy smoke bombs?

I often get messages on Insta about this. I always buy Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades largely because they were recommended to me at whatever point I decided to start using smoke bombs.

Do they stain?

They can stain and they did stain a dress on a shoot I did once but if you use them correctly then you’ll be fine. By correctly, I mean hold them directly above and behind you.

How To Nail Your Smoke Bomb Photos

Finally, as the smoke doesn’t actually last that long, there’s only a small amount of time available to nail the shot. If you’re planning on using smoke bombs for your wedding photos, here are some tips 📸
✨Choose a variety of colours or get at least 3 of the same colour. A lone smoke bomb won’t give you enough smoke to really make an impact.
✨Hold the smoke can behind you at all times, if you start to bring it directly above your head or infront of you then the colour from the smoke will create a colour cast over your face and you’ll look like a Smurf, cool in any other circumstance but probably not the desired look for your wedding photos
✨Don’t look at the smoke, look straight at the camera or at each other.
✨ Take a walk. It’s easier to hold the smoke cans behind you if you’re walking and the smoke will naturally move around as you walk.
✨Choose an enclosed space / background that provides contrast if possible.
✨Have fun, smile, laugh, enjoy.
✨Don’t get arrested 🤔

On the fence about whether to use Smoke bombs? Follow my Instagram for more Smoke Bomb Wedding Inspiration and feel free to drop me a dm if you have any questions!