Tintern Abbey Wedding Photographer

Tintern Abbey

Paul & Lauren

An American, an Australian and a beautiful historic abbey nestled in the depths of Monmouthshire.

The real wedding took place in Maui, sadly a little far for me to travel but, having visited Tintern Abbey many years ago, Lauren had always dreamed of getting married there. Whilst this wasn’t possible for her, this amazing couple decided to have a small blessing and couples shoot within the grounds of the abbey instead and my goodness was it beautiful!

As someone who photographs weddings most weekends, I’m always happy to do something a little bit different so when Lauren contacted me to explain her plans and ask if I could photograph it, I jumped at the chance.

Paul and Lauren are an amazing couple and it was so special to share this with them. It was absolutely boiling but we managed to find nice light in the corners of the abbey and I’m so pleased with the results!

When couples email me to say thank you for their photographs, it genuinely makes my day and their words often sum up their sessions better than mine because although I’m reasonably literate, I do struggle with these blog posts!

So, here’s what Lauren and Paul said . . . .


OH – MY – GOSH!! I am literally beaming from ear to ear. These are absolutely insane. Exactly what I hoped for. THANK YOU SO MUCH for spending the day with us and for getting these to us so quickly. I know you have a ton on your plate and I’m so appreciative!

Now forgive me while I cancel all my meetings and just click through every one for the rest of the day. So so so so happy this worked out. Will obviously tag you in anything I post, but let me know if there are other credit things you’d like when we do anything with these.



Let me echo Lauren on this, Fran these are amazing photos and you are so talented.
I’m so happy we have these to show the kids and grandkids in the future!
You are great to work this and if we can ever endorse or support your work we are happy to.
Thank you for creating special memories for us Fran.


I believe this fabulous pair are now married, huge congratulations to you both! x

Here are the highlights . . .

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