Wedding Photographer Cardiff & South Wales

2016  Wedding Photography Highlights

Another year and another wedding season that has flown by in a whir of flowers, hilarious speeches and all things wedding!

This Summer has been a tough one as we haven’t had the best weather! That said, I’ve still had a fabulous time capturing the love, laughter and tears of some truly lovely couples!

This blog post should probably have about 1000 photos in it but I’ve managed to whittle it down to a very small selection, mainly because this blogging malarkey takes longer the more photos you have to upload!

Here are my 2016 highlights . . .

If you’re getting married in 2017, 2018 or even 2019, it’s not too early to start looking for your wedding photographer. Like most wedding suppliers, photographers often get booked up to two years in advance which is why it’s better to be overly organised than be left disappointed.

Whilst I’m based in Cardiff, South Wales, I am always happy to travel ad I love visiting and photographing new places.

My photography style is very informal and relaxed which I think is very much in keeping with my personality. What’s that saying? ‘You’re so laid back, you’re practically horizontal’, that’s literally me and I’m often told it helps to have a calming influence around on the big day!

If you’re looking for natural and relaxed wedding photography then get in touch and perhaps it’ll be your wedding that’s featured in my 2017, 18, 19 round up!