Wedding Photography At Sant Ffraed House

Wedding Photos at the latest addition to The Oldwalls Collection, Sant Ffraed House

Joe & Kirsty, what a pair of legends. The brief for this couple’s wedding photography was, do whatever you want, just make it different and non-traditional. Fantastic!

The new Sant Ffraed House, part of The Oldwalls Collection is absolutely beautiful. I do feel like I could photograph there quite a few times and each gallery would be different as there is so much to choose from wedding photography backdrop wise.

In this case, we did a bit of everything wedding photo wise. Although I did decide to do some alternative couples shots against the dark backdrop of the new building, I couldn’t not make use of golden hour in the field as well!

Here are the highlights . . .

If you’re getting married at Sant Ffraed House, I’d love to chat all things Wedding Photography with you! Get in touch for more info here.