City Hall Wedding Photographer

Cardiff City Hall

Richard & Liz

When Richard got in touch to ask if I’d be free to photograph his wedding, he mentioned that they had originally been planning a large and expensive wedding but had decided mid way through the process that they’d prefer a smaller wedding with just family present.

Looking at the photos, I think they definitely made the right decision! With no fuss / no frills, the focus of the day really was just about how much these two love each other and my god, are they head over heels!

The day kicked off with Richard’s arrival at City Hall (in an Aston Martin) followed by Liz who rocked up in a white Range Rover and one of the most amazing dresses I’ve ever seen. Richard’s reaction to Liz’s arrival is one I’ll remember for a long time, pure wonderment.

After a very emotional ceremony, we had a wander around the gardens before eventually finding a quirky looking wall next to the subway. Cue comments from one particularly nosy passer by as to why I couldn’t find somewhere better to photograph, because sometimes less is more!

Sticking two fingers up to tradition (if you can get away with it) often makes for a really special wedding and that is most definitely the case with this one! I love everything about it from the stylish get up of both the bride and the groom to the relaxed vibe that can only be achieved when you’re minus a wedding co-ordinator etc etc etc.

I had an amazing day with these two, a lot of laughs were had during the making of these photos and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph such genuine emotion and joy!

Thank you both for letting me be part of it, to the new Mr & Mrs Babbage . . .

When it comes to planning a wedding, not everybody wants the whole shebang, some prefer to opt for an intimate affair with just close family and friends. I’m a massive fan of smaller weddings and would love to hear from you if you are planning a small wedding and are still looking for a photographer. Get in touch here for further info!