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Wedding Photos at Fforest

Over the years, I’ve seen many Fforest weddings on Instagram  and RMW and it’s a venue that’s been on my photography bucket list if you will for quite some time.

The minute I arrived at Fforest, I knew it was going to be one of those special weddings where there are so many beautiful things to photograph, you don’t know where to start!

I certainly wasn’t disappointed. From the amazing Milamira dress from Rock The Frock Bridal to the customised leather jacket by The Mermaid Effect, Emily’s attention to detail in the styling of this wedding was admirable. So much so that this wedding has recently been featured on the holy grail of wedding blogs, Rock My Wedding!!!

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Photography by Francesca Hill Photography

Forest Wedding with Tipi Reception, Macrame Backdrop and Dried Wedding Flowers

BUDGET £20 – 22.5K

We should all take a leaf out of Emily and Greg’s book who had a forest wedding completely reflective of them as a couple and what they like and enjoy. This included a silver skirt wedding dress, with complementary silver boots and leather jackets, a pair of pink chino’s with a navy blazer, and a curry wedding breakfast! They also had dried wedding flowers and a macrame backdrop, all of which look incredible at their dream wedding venue: Fforrest in South Wales.


“Being able to find a beautiful, outdoor wedding venue that we felt perfectly reflected us and the laid back style of the wedding we dreamed of was incredible. Fforest was absolutely miles and hours from home for us and our guests but it was worth every second and everyone fell in love with it immediately. The warm welcome we were able to give our guests on the Friday with dinner and a pub quiz meant that by Saturday we could savour every moment, even more, having checked in with everyone and seeing them all mix so amazingly.” – Emily & Greg

Emily and Greg both found Fforest separately. Emily saw it on RMW and thought Greg would never agree to a wedding so far from home, but then a couple of days later Greg sent the link to Emily! Once she realised it was the venue she’d lusted after, a pure moment of excitement took over knowing this was where they’d get married. They also found their fab photographer Francesca on RMW and fell in love with her amazing photography skills. The rest of the suppliers they found via Instagram, as it was important to them to support local Welsh indie suppliers and shop small.


“We wanted to make as much as possible ourselves, mainly because I know what I like and I love things that are handmade and a little rough around the edges. I got very into making macrame pieces, spray painting jars and bottles, making signs, cracking out my rusty calligraphy skills and making a cute star table plan. I think there’s something to be said for being able to be proud of the set up you’ve created knowing it’s had a lot of hours, sweat and tears put into it!” – Emily & Greg


“Do everything for you as a couple, it should be reflective of what you love and will enjoy. Don’t try and please anyone else. It’s scary, but so worth it when the day rolls in and you’re totally at ease with everything because it was what you chose! We braved it and had a friend’s top table, didn’t cut the cake and ate curry on our wedding day! We avoided every ‘tradition’ that just didn’t feel like it fitted is. I’m so glad we did. Everyone totally embraced every moment and watching them have an amazing time felt so special.” – Emily & Greg

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Thinking about getting married at Fforest?

3 unique wedding venues in one location, it’s pretty special.

What will our pictures look like?

Fforest is an amazing wedding venue and well known for being one of the top wedding venues in Wales. It has great light and natural backdrops giving a range of dreamy locations for couples shots and is completely unique in terms of what it offers.

This wedding was recently featured on Rock My Wedding and it’s not hard to see why. Emily did a fantastic job of styling the wedding and her Milamira wedding dress is to die for.

If you’re planning a unique wedding at Fforest and are looking for someone to capture the gorgeousness you’re busy creating, get in touch here to arrange a meeting or download a brochure here.

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