Penarth Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography At Custom House

The wedding of Mike & Emma took place towards the end of October and was a lovely relaxed affair with just close friends and family.

Bridal preparations kicked off at Holm House in Penarth and I arrived to find a very relaxed Emma and her bridal party sipping on Champagne and having their make-up done.

The Wedding Ceremony took place in Penarth leaving us ideally placed to go and do some couples portraiture on the nearby Penarth Pier. We managed about twenty minutes before it started to rain!

The wedding reception took place at Custom House and in a bid to provide their guests with something a little bit different, the reception ended with us jumping on a water boat across to The Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay!

This is one of my new favourite weddings, the couple were really lovely and very relaxed and we had some really nice Autumn light to work with too, well, before it started raining that is!

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