Pre Wedding Photographer Cardiff

Engagement Shoot Cardiff


‘Can we bring our dog?’, words I hear surprisingly often! Thankfully I’m an animal lover myself (apart from spiders, I hate spiders) so it was my pleasure to photograph this lovely little family ahead of their wedding!

We rocked up to a little farm in Lisvane / Rudry sometime back in March and whilst Jess & Nathan played ball with the photographs, the dog did not! What’s that saying, never work with children or animals?!

Here are the highlights . . .

A pre-wedding shoot gives the bride and groom the perfect opportunity to get to know their wedding photographer.

But this isn’t just about the engaged couple. A pre-wedding photo shoot is perfect for the wedding photographer  as it means I get the chance to get to know more about you too!

Getting to know your wedding photographer and vice versa will get you feeling more relaxed, more comfortable, and more confident.

Any good photographer will be able to assess your personality and work with that to get the shots of your dreams. If you’re shy, I’ll  know that beforehand and work with it. If you’re bubbly and love to be centre of attention, again, I will know beforehand and work with that.

good wedding photographer has worked with all types of personalities. We know how to handle them, but having the knowledge upfront is much easier.

Feeling comfortable with your photographer will add so much to the photos captured. The camera, unfortunately doesn’t lie, if you feel uneasy in front of one then you’ll look uneasy in the pictures. Not to say everyone has that feeling, some people love the  camera and in return the camera loves them back. I on the other hand am one of the unfortunate ones that the camera seemed to dislike.. A LOT ( probably why I chose a profession that allows me to stand behind, not in front of one)!