Court Colman Manor Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography At Court Colman Manor

Venue: Court Colman Manor

There’s nothing like a Winter Wedding to break up the Christmas Holidays and after eating and drinking for Wales over the Christmas period, I was very pleased to get out of my pyjamas and photograph this beautiful wedding at Court Colman Manor!

Despite it being absolutely freezing, I managed to get this beautiful couple outside for their couples photographs and I actually think the navy shawl keeping the bride from turning blue is a lovely addition to the photos!

As this was a part day coverage wedding photography package, we skipped the bridal prep and kicked off at Court Colman just before the wedding ceremony. The bride made the flowers herself and they were absolutely stunning as were all the floral decorations in the reception room. This was a really lovely wedding to photograph and the couple were so so lovely!

Here are the highlights . . .