Wedding Photography At Almonry Barn

Venue: Almonry Barn

So much love for this stunning wedding at Almonry Barn in Somerset. When I first met Ian and Hayely and discovered they were getting married at Almonry Barn I was literally ecstatic because all barn weddings make me smile!

The day kicked off at a fabulous horse stable come air bnb to join Hayley for Bridal Prep, there was a rather overzealous dog / wolf who greeted me on arrival but apart from that, we had a successful morning and Hayley looked absolutely stunning, a bit of a Kate Middleton look alike I thought!

We then headed off to the church which was positioned within walking distance of the barn, handy!

As photographers, we routinely arrive at churches to be told ‘photographs are not permitted.’ I don’t have an issue with this but I do think it’s really important for the church to explain this to the couple prior to the day of the wedding because it’s not my decision to make as to whether I abide by what they’ve said when the couple have booked me to photograph the ceremony.

Thankfully, when I explained she’d need to have that conversation with the couple as ultimately it was their wedding, the vicar agreed to minimal photographs without flash.

Ian and Hayley are a truly lovely couple and I had such a lovely day with them. The weather / light was a bit awkward which meant we did two sets of couples shots and they were so laid back and easy to get on with which is always a bonus for me! The surrounding areas of the barn really did make for some stunning shots and I’m hoping I’ll get to visit Almonry barn again at some point!

Here are the highlights . . .

If you’re looking for an alternative wedding venue in Wales that’s a little bit different from the traditional then Almonry Barn is a fantastic choice.  If you’re getting married at Almonry Barn and looking for a wedding photographer to photograph the big day, get in touch by clicking here.